Do you ever wish you knew someone who’s just as fucked up as you are? Simply to not feel so alone anymore… I wish this everyday.

<—- needs to vent

I wish i would never have met some people.


Everyone knows to look for a wedding ring that is simplicity itself, but we can learn so much more if we look closer and at other places.

First we will look people who have a wedding ring, at first glace we see a ring on the left fourth finger which signifies marriage, next look at the condition…

So i am a twin. i finally put words to what ive always thought my whole life. something that explains why im never the guy to do anything, to start twins come about because a the fertile egg splits into two identical eggs etc. my thought was- that was just dumb chance and im not really supposed to be alive and thats why i feel like just an extra piece with no place, 

why i think this-observation,

1. my brother just got married he on track hes found his other half and has his life in line,

2. ive never been that great at anything, everyone has something they are good at, not me ive worked really hard at so many things but im never exceptional,

3. my “friends” dont seems interested in me, it seems like people just pass me by, like in a phone scrolling down the contacts and im just one they pass without any acknowledgment

4.people dont seem to want me around, im never “on the list” i happen to slip peoples minds alot i guess you could say,

5. i feel life a face in the crowd when i feel like im standing out, am i on my own plant here?

6. i imagine too much, like i make everything better then it really is, I exaggerate things to make my life seem important and, “if it wasnt for me” yada yada

its not like i dont try either, i give my 100% all the time just being me, i may care too much what people think you reader might say, but i really dont, maybe more people feel this way, maybe everyone feels this way they just dont know it, maybe they dont want to think about it, or they are ignorant to their own thoughts, perhaps i am just crazy, but thats prolly me trying to stand out again, am i just dull and dont know it, 

am i trying to occupy a place in this world that is already filled, like musical chairs i just get dumped out. . no seat for me.

Sometimes I feel like im part of the small percentage of people to get a rare terminal disease and die young, or im going to be that one guy who is killed by a drunk drived and is always talked in school funcctions where my parents get up and talk about me, sometimes i think i will be that person that everyone liked but no one really liked, or im the guy that thinks he has friends but not really i also think that person stands out, i am that guy that is really never good at anything, maybe im just desperate to feel special or to be set apart. im never the go to guy. sorry world im just an extra, 

not getting invited to things sucks, sorry i crash parties. 

People see but they do not observe, see things like you’ve never seen them before